Asian Mycological Association
Minutes of the Asian Mycological Committee General Meeting(09/10/2015) 2018-01-19 09:58:12

Location:             Hall 1, Goa University, Goa, India

Date & Time:     9 Oct. 2015; 13:10 – 13:50


Committee members:

Peter Buchanan (Australiasian), Chandralata Raghukumar (India), JafarAbdollahzadeh* (Iran),

Oded Yarden (Islrael), Toru Okuda (Japan), YuichiYamaoka** (Japan),

Tae Soo Lee (Korea), Youn Su Lee** (Korea), Hari Prasad Aryal***(Nepal),

Thomas Edison E. dela Cruz (Philippines), Hoang ND Pham** (Vietnam),

Observers:   MohammedRizman Idid (Malaysia;, Quoc Bao Ngoyen ( Vietnam;,

Honorary members: AkiraSuzuki (Japan)

IMA guests:  PedroCrous (The Netherlands), Keith Seifert (Canada)

*JafarAbdollahzadeh ( on behalf of Rasoul Zare (Iran), wasnot able to receive the information on the change of meeting schedule so thathe came to Hall 1 at the end of the meeting.

**Replacement ofcountry representatives (see below)

***Hari PrasadAryal ( participated the meeting on behalf ofMahesh K. Adhikari (Nepal) – need confirmation if it is a replacement ofcountry representative

Email revised:

1.    Opening

Toru Okuda (Japan) took a chair due to the unavoidable absence ofChairperson.

2.    President speech

Tae Soo Lee, Vice Chairperson (Korea) gavea speech due to the unavoidable absence of Chairperson.

3.    Report of the past 4 years’work to the committee

Toru Okuda (Japan) reported the following isseus prepared byXingzhong Liu and Lei Cai (China). All items adopted and agreed.

*       AMA constitution

*       AMA webpage

*       AMA logo

*       AMC2013 in Beijing and AMC2015in Goa

*       AMA awards in 2013 and 2015

*       IMA young mycologist award forAsia 2014

4.    Minutes of Beijing meeting

Adopted after confirmation of the minutes already sent by email,which was raised by Peter Buchanan (Australiasian).

5.    Update of the countryrepresentatives

*       Youn Su Lee (new representative; switched with Tae Soo Lee (Korea)

*       Hoang ND Pham (newrepresentative; with Min Lam Duong (Vietnam)

*       Yuichi Yamaoka (newrepresentative; with Toru Okuda (Japan)

*       All agreed and adopted

6.    Election of new office-bearers

The followingnominations were agreed and decided.

*       President: Xingzhong Liu (China)to continue the chairmanship for another 4 years

*       Vice President: VikineswarySabaratnam (Malaysia) is during the term of office

*       Vice President: Tae Soo Lee isto be replaced with Youn Su Lee (Korea).

*       Secretary General: Lei Cai (China)to continue the service for another 4 years

7.    Proposal on AMC2017

Hoang ND Pham (Vietnam) gave a presentation on the proposal fororganizing AMC2017 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  After the question and answer, it was adoptedthat the AMC2017 is to be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and organized byMycological Society of Ho Chi Minh City. The following confirmation was madeaccording to questions and suggestions by Peter Buchanan (Australiasian),Chandralata Raghukumar (India), and Akira Suzuki (Japan).

*       The congress is hosted byMycological Society of Ho Chi Minh City

*       Also supported by BiologicalAssociation of Ho Chi Minh City, Biotechnology Center of Ho Chi Minh City, andAgricultural Hi-tech Park of Ho Chi Minh City.

*       The biotechnology center has anumber of experiences to organize international conferences.

*       It was confirmed that thecurrent AMC host shall transfer 1% of the registration fee income to the nexthost.

*       The Vietnamese video presentationwas received well and all agreed his proposal.

*       AMC2017 in Vietnam was decidedto be announced before the congress dinner and during the Closing Ceremony.

8.    Other issues raised byparticipants


9.    News from IMA (slides attached)

On behalf of IMA, the current IMA president, Keith Seifert (Canada)gave a presentation

1)   New position and severalquestions, which should be replied by each country representative.

*       Mycological Member OrganizationRelations for the IMA is now the responsibility of Marc Stadler (Germany) as anacting vice president. Unfortunately he was not able to attend AMC2015 due tothe unavoidable issue.

*       Keith Seifert would like to becertain who are the representatives of the AMA to the IMA (voting privilege forSustaining Members)

*       He would like to be certain whatare the member societies of the AMA

*       Also whether all membersocieties are also members of the IMA

*       Marc Stadler (Germany) shallcontact Xingzhong Liu and Lei Cai (China) on these issues

2)   IMC11

*       Chairs announced and theschedules were shown including the programs and awards (in detail, see theattached slides).

3)   IMC12

*       Preproposals for IMA12 are due15 July 2017.

4)   IMA Fungus

*       Deadline for next issue: 30October 2015.

*       AMC2015 organizer shall preparea report from AMC for IMA Fungus